Beautiful Lessons Travel Has Taught Me

Beautiful Lessons Travel Has Taught Me

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In a less formal environment, I have always considered travel to be education. As my eyes are always being opened by new people, cultures, struggles, celebrations and everything the world is enabling me to experience each day, Traveling will continue to help me grow. Without even noticing, sometimes those less formal educational moments dive way beyond surface level.

Travel has taught me freedom.

Freedom to be whoever I feel I am on the inside. To shed that layer of who you think you have to be, it provides an open door to who you want to be. Reputations based on things like how you grew up, as at home we have built up reputations and what kind of job you work, and mistakes or gains you have made in the past.

Travel has taught me confidence.

Travel teaches you that it is your confidence that will get you where you need to be. To always be finding your way, travel has shown me not to look lost; to feel like the master of all things sign, not to feel mute because the language is different, if anything it has shown me the confidence to try. 

Travel has taught me resilience.

Not everything is going to go your way, in fact it goes no one’s way, ever. Travel teaches you to take things that are outside your comfort zone and to put them in your comfort zone. It pushes you to use your found new confidence to work it out all out.

Travel has taught me to fall in love.

Sometimes you notice a person and your mind shatters into bits of ´wow´ and sometimes you try new things that take your breath away. Because what’s stopping you anyways, traveling allows for those open heart moments to be prevalent.

Travel has taught me respect.

We have all learnt from our families and our surrounding environments at least one way to live life. We all grow up in our own hypothetical bubble. The world is so much bigger than I am is what it has shown me. Respecting what I have, what others have, and what we all don’t have are what it has taught me.

Travel has also taught me one last thing – to make goals and to reach them.

You can make it happen. All you need to do is find the means that works best for you and your individual situation, it proves that if you want something or to be somewhere. So, you can, you just need to find your way, if travel is something you are interested in doing.

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