Germany, A Living Museum

Germany, A Living Museum

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One of the most satisfying travel destinations in all of Europe is Germany and no cities can accommodate what Germany is all about profuse than Berlin and Frankfurt. Munich is all about the history: a living museum of the historical and societal charms of the German past while Berlin is twenty-first-century: displays the hipness and creativity of modern-day Germany.

It doesn’t mean that one can’t take a tour on both in a single trip, as Munich to Berlin by train can be done in as little as six hours just because the two cities are on different sides of the country.

Berlin was a city separated and the Berlin Wall stood between West Berlin and the Soviet-dominated East Berlin, a flashback on what occurred 20 years ago. 1989 was a year to remember by Germans as the wall came down and two cities merged and became one of the world’s most extensive capitals.

The area previously encompassing East Berlin has long been a sanctuary for artists and bohemians appear to live affordably and channel the city’s creative vibe although the variance between the two sides is less clear today.

The neighborhood of Mitte is one place to see Berlin’s creative vivacity on full display. Mitte is now at the direct center of the joined Berlin and is residence to the larger part of the city’s preeminent art galleries, a former district in East Berlin.

A relative beginner into the gallery scene, Dittrich & Schlechtriem, having opened in 2011, the gallery is already a word of mouth for itself. The gallery prides itself in presenting exhibitions from the top, young local talent and operated by super hip artists and art lovers.

Within reach, a stalwart on the Berlin art scene since 1991 is the Carlier Gebauer gallery. The galley has received its place as one of the city’s top galleries catering only the most acclaimed local artists, both established and emerging, in its three exhibition rooms.

The Johann König gallery is another motivating gallery in Mitte where movers and shakers from across the German art world come to see extraordinary contemporary art exhibitions. As it is considered to be one of the world’s most influential galleries, true art aficionado shouldn’t miss.

The capital of the southern German state of Bavaria – Munich – and it has an absolutely different feel to it than Berlin. Tourists and visitors to Munich can contemplate finding historic architecture, charming plazas and grand churches instead of contemporary art museums and hip nightclubs.

A square at the center of Munich – Marienplatz –  is the best place from which to begin exploring the city’s charms. The New Town Hall and the Old Town Hall are two of the city’s chief attractions and located right on the square.


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