Lost In Lithuania

Lost In Lithuania

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1 PM 16th of June, our flight landed in the capital city of Vilnius. Taking our bags we hurriedly walk through the relaxed immigration and hopped a taxi for the 15-minute ride to our pre-booked rooms at The Congress Hotel.

As Vilnius appeared no distinction from other previously Soviet controlled regions when we strolled around the perimeter of the city center, we were not impressed. It personifies the common Soviet regions.

After world war two, it had been designed and reconstructed by the uncreative architects of the communist regime. It was congested with the similar square buildings, huge treeless squares and curving streets that changed directions endlessly, making it difficult to navigate. This was our first impression of Vilnius, but would entirely turn different once we uncovered the old city center the next day.

We tolerated the noise, the hot weather and the inflated price of the Congress for the first night, but quickly made a reservation another, more median hotel the early next day. We ride a cab to The Senatorial Hotel & we were moved with the wholly large suite with a separate bedroom, living room, and pleasant bathroom, yet again, to my frustration, but not surprise, air-conditioned is not available in the rooms. Snoozing in the cold night air of Iceland had absolutely pampered us. It was located across the street from a huge and totally stunning Catholic Cathedral.

However, my appreciation and excitement of the church would soon disappear when early the next morning we soon figured out the outcome when our sleep was dazed at 6 AM. It was Sunday and I had no idea and for my part, I didn’t care.

In Eastern Europe, Lithuania is, in fact, is one of the economic regions. Compared to Budapest or Prague, it is a real bargain. Also in its favor, blazingly dressed in an endless supply of absolutely gorgeous and sexually attired women of Vilnius and the country of Lithuania altogether.

Limited English conversation, eye contact, and personal charisma are crucial and having a bit longer hair is also beneficial, with very short hair and overly tight clothes for men as all the local fellas appear to be cloned copies of each other. Not totally pessimistic but really not appealing. In most things in life and especially in striving for romance, being casual and demonstrating a vividly carefree personality is a crucial asset.

We spent the most time in the city center exploring the sidewalk cafes, enjoying the large parks, countless street performers and the extensive hospitality of the locals. I may say in a long time, it was one of the most relaxing cities I had stayed in.

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