Solomon Islands Adventure

Solomon Islands Adventure

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Scuba Diving Activity

Island-hopping or dive resort

There are two options when you come diving in the Solomons. One is on an aboard a boat where island-hopping is offered. Another is staying at one of the idyllic resorts specifically for divers. There are more destinations for a quick time or indulge the luxury of a home base.

Dive the Western Province

Have a taste of diving in Oceania. One of the world’s top diving destinations in the Solomon Islands. What to expect you’ll see upon diving? Bountiful coral, starfish and swirling assemblage of multicolored fish on breathtaking reefs. 


Wreck Diving

An opportunity to explore an incredible array of aircraft, ships, even the unusual encounters with submarines when diving in the Solomon Islands. With these remains from World War II lies on the sea floor in some areas, as most are birthing ground for new artificial reefs, full of marine life.

Visit on WWII History

Museum and memorials

The scene of fierce fighting in World War II was witnessed by the Solomon Islands. The tours to the WWII museum and other momentous sites is heartwarming and a review of the history: the American memorial at Skyline Ridge and the Japanese Solomons Peace memorial. The local guide will accompany the tour.

On land

It is virtually untouched for most remains of the battle sites. The relics scattered about from tarnished tanks, jeeps, and amphibious vehicles resting engulf in the jungle to foxholes and caves, once used as Japanese observation points and concealing places can still be noticed.


Submerged, some deep underwater including oil tankers, seaplanes, and submarines for many of the WWII relics remaining in the Solomons. Just a quick trip from shore can be snorkeled but others relics can reach exclusive for experienced divers.

Fishing Adventure

Adventure Sports Fishing in the Solomon Islands

Longing for fishing in remote and unspoiled locations? Then the Solomon’s is a must do fishing destination for you if you have a passion for next level adventure. Many parts of the Solomon’s untouched by tourism that caters diverse tourists, stayed undiscovered thus natural charm is preserved, culture and magnificent sport fishing opportunities.

The waters along the Solomon’s are really full of fish as it is situated in the Coral Sea between Papua New Guinea and Vanuatu in an area possessing the highest marine biodiversity on the planet. The fishing options are endless as weather conditions are favorable throughout the year and fringed islands and atolls in the archipelago to choose from, there live over 900 coral reefs.


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