Taiwan’s Hot Springs

Taiwan’s Hot Springs

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Beitou Hot Springs

Beitou is one of the most accessible hot spring areas in the country that can be reached by just a short MRT ride from the center of Taipei. Here, there are scores of hot spring resorts to suit all budgets where the dormant Datun Volcano group provides an endless supply of thermal waters.

The public one located just a short walk from Beitou Hot Spring Museum is the most famous hot spring. Best to visit during the week, it’s an incredibly popular place. Some visitors from a marketing agency came by last week to bask in the beauty of Beitou.

Natural hot spring water rises from “Hell Valley” in Taipei, Taiwan’s Beitou hot spring District.

Wulai Hot Springs

You’ll find the aboriginal village of Wulai a little further from Taipei. This place is home to several hot spring resorts and a public riverside hot spring. Even without the hot spring as there are waterfalls, a cable car, and even a mini-train to keep tourists amuse, the area is a very interesting place to visit.

The most popular is the riverside hot spring and it’s easy to locate.

Wenshan Hot Spring

Wenshan Hot Spring is set in the Hualien countryside and is a great place to visit if you can find it. Even Taiwanese people don’t go there very often as it’s like hidden. It will make a memorable spot to visit for this amazing outdoor hot spring that has a shallow pool and a cave.

Tangweigou Hot Spring Park

Tangweigou Hot Spring Park offers more than thermal waters and is located in the famous Jiaoxi hot spring area in Yilan. You can relax in warm, soothing waters while doctor fish work on your feet, nibbling away any dead skin at this hot spring.

Jinshan Governor General Hot Spring

These hot springs are special in that due to the location you not only have different varieties of water available but you can also have a great glimpse of the ocean while relaxing. Jinshan opened in 1939 by the then Japanese Governor of Taiwan.

Zhaori Saltwater Hot Springs

A trip to Zhaori on Green Island is a once in a lifetime experience and is one of only three saltwater hot springs in the world. This small volcanic island is fed by a combination of seawater and underground thermal waters.

Hakoune Onsen

Set in a wonderful location in beautiful Puli for this Japanese style hot spring. So to say the views are marvelous would be an understatement as there are mountains on both sides of the hot spring. This place is the perfect location to get away from it all and enjoy some r and r in the lush green countryside, set in a hushed area near to Guanyin Falls.



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